Sell Happy! Client Feedback

Anna Younan

Both Dora and I would like to thank you for the absolute excellent job you have done to market our place! Everything, from your very personal and patient service to us and from your team, to the incredibly beautiful promotional material, to the very consistent and open feedback we received on buyers and market feedback,…

Briony McLachlan

When I initially inspected the property, Briony was very professional and answered all of my questions promptly an without any hesitation. Throughout the whole process all the agents were very helpful. But a special thanks goes to Briony and Tanya.  Thank you both for making the process as smoothly as it could be. Rabia &…

Luke Mannion

Writing a review f is quite frankly, very easy and can be summed up in a few words .... If you don’t go to Gilbert & Younan for all your real estate needs quite frankly you are doing yourself a dis-service. For me, being on my own would have been a much more stressful experience…

Tanya Gilbert

Tanya, Anna and all the staff at Gilbert + Younan have been extremely helpful and supportive with the management of our property. Making the process very easy. Highly recommended  Johnny and Victoria - Landlord

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